The physical model was constructed out of metal and custom-made wooden parts. The basic structure of the model is a grid made of wooden boards with the dimensions of 2x2 meters. The shape of the square lattice can easily be changed by shifting the boards into another configuration, like the parallelogram at 30 degrees, which we chose for our installation. Onto each of the 8 boards 8 rotating units were mounted. The 64 units consist of a round metal axis and custom-made wooden three-armed propellers with a hole in their center. The propeller-pieces are placed at a height of about 10 centimeters and are able to freely rotate around their axis when pushed. At the end of each wooden arm a cylindrical magnet is placed into a drilled hole. The distance between the rotating units prevents them from touching each other, but is close enough for the magnets to attract and repel each other.