concept, construction and programming by:
Eva Schindling and Daniel J. Wilson
(Göteborg, Sweden, 2006)

The project was developed as a term project at the MSc. ‘Art & Technology’ Program at Göteborg University and Chalmers University of Technology under Mats Nordahl. The model was constructed in the Chalmers architecture department woodworking lab.

Daniel J. Wilson (Canada)

Daniel Wilson began working in film and video after attending the postgraduate film program at the Sheridan Institute of Technology, working as editor and cameraman in Toronto, Tokyo, LA and Sri Lanka. He returned to the MSc. ‘Art & Technology’ program in Göteborg in order to experiment with more immersive and interactive audio/visual presentation possibilities.

2005 'A Study in Synchresis', Generative Art Conference, Milan, audio/visual installation
2005 'Selectiv.Memory', Ambasciata di Marte Cultural Association, Florence, collborative video project
2005 ‘see think know’, Hidden Agenda exhibition, Göteborg, audio/visual interactive installation
2004 'In.Verse', Design Festa, Tokyo, experimental video
2003 'The Bet', Bloor Cinema, Toronto, short film


Eva Schindling (Austria)

Eva Schindling attended a graphic design school before entering the 4 year degree program ‘Information Design’ at FH Joanneum Graz, where she specialized in ‘Interaction and Media Design’. Her work includes short movies, animations, visual programming, interactive installations and a senior thesis on ‘Artificial Life’. Following a year of working as a freelance designer she is now currently enrolled at the MSc. ‘Art & Technology’ program in Göteborg.

2005 CUBE - ‘a square piece of sun’, Göteborg, outdoors audio-video installation
2005 'Hidden Agenda' exhibition, Göteborg, installation 'beauty - attraction - trap'
2003 'Udo 77' Musical, Vienna, visuals and music videos
2003 'Ars Electronica', Linz, installation 'Liquid Sound'
2003 ‘Contemporary Art’, Graz, Trailer for Art-opening
2002 Short Film Festival ‘Mikrokino’, Belgrad, short movie ‘Wintermorgenzeit’
2002 ‘Steirischer Herbst’, Graz, ‘Dilettanten’ – exhibition, Visual artist for ‘Sergej Mohntau’