To emphasize the forces present during a movement in the sculpture we chose to amplify the vibrations that were caused by the spinning of the rotating units. Therefore we attached 2 piezo-microphones to the bottom side of each of the 8 boards the units were mounted on. The vibration signals were fed into self-powered sound speakers. This made it possible to amplify every little jittering of the sculpture and formed an immersive soundscape.

To play further with the propagation of movement in the sculpture the whole setup was captured with a video camera from above and a processed video image was projected onto the wall next to the sculpture. The projection on the wall showed a black screen when the sculpture was unmoved. But when participants turned one of the units they could follow the spreading of movement visualized by the appearance of white rotating units on the video image. The application of a motion detection filter to the original video image - taken from above - produced the effect. The flickering and illuminating of the figures on the screen added a subtle and striking layer to the interactive installation.